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Why do we need this Fresh Pure Food Movement?

The purpose of this Fresh Pure Food Movement is to bring together those of us who want to keep the world offering fresh pure food where we eat and buy our food, in restaurants and stores.

As our world is dramatically changing, so is the food we eat. Food is becoming less fresh and pure and more chemically processed and full of refined sugars. These artificial processes and ingredients can be both very addicting and have debilitating effects on our health.

Let’s use this Fresh Pure Food Movement to team up and communicate and advocate for fresh pure food availability in restaurants and natural food store refrigerators.

Benefits of Fresh Pure Food

The cells in our body are consistently regenerating and replacing themselves, so it’s easy to realize our cells’ ability to rebuild is dependent on our body’s ability to restructure what we consume. This self-restructuring process is going to create stronger, healthier cells for our body, when we consume what science and our personal experiences show are most conducive to this self-regenerating metabolic process—eating fresh pure whole foods as our diet directly affects the functioning of our metabolic process.

What we consume has a direct effect on our level of healthy energy, therefore eating habits affect our ability to enjoy life; especially as our naturally present youthful energy diminishes with age. So let's consume fresh pure food.

Embracing A Balanced Attitude Towards Fresh Pure Foods

As we care to prioritize being happy and healthy; it's evident that we need to be at ease when consuming foods that are not 100% fresh and pure.

This is because it's just too difficult to always get foods that are fresh and pure, unless we're only eating organic which means (unless you find a really special restaurant) you're only eating at home, so the point is: when you do end up eating food that is not meeting fresh pure food guidelines, we recommend you still eat the best food available and still embrace the food with love and appreciation. You can imagine that this other than fresh and pure food is enabling your body to build up a resistance to the chemicals and other detriments associated with most food.